A root canal is a procedure that is used to remove the nerve of a tooth. The canal is then cleaned and shaped before being filled to prevent bacteria from reaching the canal. The reason for this is to save the tooth while removing the nerve. The tooth may remain in place, either for cosmetic purposes or to prevent pain related to chewing.

Root canal procedures have come a long way in recent years. The process is not as painful as many people imagine it to be. If you are considering getting a root canal, then take a moment to learn more about this procedure.

Why Would You Require a Root Canal?

There are multiple reasons for needing a root canal procedure. This includes:

  • Nerve damage
  • An abscess
  • Sensitivity
  • Restorative work

When the nerve dies, a root canal is needed to prevent bacteria from spreading. The hole that is left is filled and then capped with a crown. Basically, the root canal treatment prevents the need to remove a tooth once the nerve of the tooth has been removed.

A root canal can also be used when there is an abscess. This occurs due to infection. If you have a tooth that is painful to touch or if you cannot bite down or chew using a tooth, then you may have a dental abscess.

Extreme sensitivity can also be cause for a root canal. Though, generally, a root canal is reserved until all other treatments have been used. If you cannot treat the sensitivity using other options, such as proper dental care, then a root canal might be recommended.

In certain cases, a root canal is needed before performing other restorative work. For example, when getting a crown or a bridge, your dentist may need to file or adjust the shape of some of your existing teeth. If this leads to an exposed nerve in one of your teeth, then a root canal must be planned to prevent nerve pain.

What Are the Benefits of Root Canal Treatments?

Why should you consider getting a root canal? The most common reason is to prevent the spread of infection. But, this is not the only reason. Here are the main benefits of getting a root canal treatment:

  • You can relieve pain and discomfort
  • You can restore the health of your teeth
  • You do not need to change other teeth
  • You can keep your beautiful smile intact!